Reality Is

by Let It Out Matt

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released October 26, 2014

Instruments recorded live to tape by Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studios
Vocals recorded by Nik Bruzzese at Small Hill Studio
Mixed and Mastered by Dave Downham at Gradwell House



all rights reserved


Let It Out Matt Pennsylvania

Display growth.
Support unique expression.
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Keep expanding.
Matt Taylor-Guitar,Vocals
Matt Rosen-Guitar,Vocals
Matt Glaum-Bass
Kyle Jones-Drums

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Track Name: Disposition
Suspended in disharmony by opposing forces
Equally pulling on me
There’s a bear and a serpent inside each one of us
Rivaling to be in command.
I'd like to think I've grown to understand
Principles of life from the plants in my garden
Start from a tiny seed and fight against the gravity
To create energy for others to absorb
Keep things simple, fulfill your purpose.
Some days everything feels inside out to me
Like the air is gasping for us to breathe
Sometimes I defeat my self
And sometimes my self beats me.
When 2 different voices are tearing you right apart
Just turn your blade inward and ward off that serpent for good.
Like the air gasping for us to breathe
The threads have severed themselves from the seams
Like the lands turned their backs on the sea
Some days, they feel inside out to me.
Inside out
Track Name: Conduits
A decade has died
Your absence was marked
But I won't miss my goodbye
Everyday life
Numb from the start
From out cold, to seized from the charge
You were out cold, as you smoldered to cinder.
Lessons will emerge from the abyss
Taking on the shape of a challenge to accept
But you were too drunk to get the hint
Over and over and over again
You were too weak to catch the drift
Over and over and over again
Catch the drift.
I'm waiting for you
To crawl out of the forest
Before you burn it all down
Track Name: Wizard Childs
This place is a shipwreck
Just no one knows that we sunk yet, but it won't be long
I feel lost in the wreckage
Sifting through star dust for the power switch
If we care to try
We could pull it together
If we care to try.
The damage of selfishness
Shifted the axis in which we spin
This place is a fucking shipwreck
Just no one knows that we sunk yet, but it won’t be long
Before we don’t belong, before we won’t belong.
Track Name: Against the Current
The natural need to gather knowledge of things
Re-routed from wonders & understanding of life and its functions
To everyone else's self-inflicted problems
I know I'm not the only one that swims against the current
That's what it takes to be worth your weight, to be something.
If gold was everywhere
Well, it wouldn't be worth anything
I learned to accept but separate
The things that I think and the things that I say
Irrational stings bottled up & aged to be released when I scream
For us too keen for the hive but too uncertain to leave:
Keep in mind that you're not alone, no you’re not alone.
I've been in that dark so don't forget
We're a counter colony of hornets
We've built our homes around empty spaces
Track Name: Deadbolts
Deadbolts will break under enough weight
The pressure built too high and blew us apart
Late nights like glue plastered our bond
Suppress the dark naïve and young
With anvils falling on my chest
Displace the pain on someone else undeserving.
Been years since then
Foundations fixed
Once made of dirt
Now steel & brick.
Deadbolts will break under enough weight
The pressure built so high but we caught it this time.
Yeah we pushed and we pulled
Ride it out, never cave in
We finally made it through that tunnel
Stuck it out, never gave in
We finally made it through that tunnel.
We let the ceilings crumble in on us
Our bed split from the weight of the fallen dust
Never again.
I don’t wanna be the one that’s fading
I don’t wanna be the one you’re phasing out.
I don’t wanna be the one that’s leaving
I don’t wanna be the one you’re leaving out.
I don’t wanna be the one that’s drowning
Shrunken down to inches in the puddle beneath your feet.
Track Name: Reality Is
Up against the wall, against the wall
Bright side: My will is free
Down side: This is not for me
The trade-in of lifespans for digits on a screen
Lost within the cross-hatch of illustrated days
Mundane renderings
Lost within the cross-hatch of illustrated
Day-dreamscape salaries
Track Name: Some Things Are Not In My Control
All the dark that I’ve seen
No not much fazes me now
The clouds are bleeding blackened shade
That’s flooding out this town
I was raised by a pack of drunken wolves
That would turn on one another over
Their insatiable hunger for their warmer past
I’d leave my den to gather breakfast
Just to end up biting broken glass from my paws
Every Friday morning
Track Name: Universe Snake
We've all completely lost it now
We're all completely lost somehow
No GPS can guide us out
Train wrecks trapped underground

Our self-control is running low
Nobody has looked up in five years or so
Umbilical cordless pets
Took all the attention that we have left

Dissect our actions from our thoughts
What ever happened to just living?